17th May – A very special date in our calendar!

17th May – A very special date in our calendar! Congratulations – Gratulerer med Dagen to all our Norwegian partners and friends for their National Constitution Day! This year, 17th May has a special significance for us as we celebrate Barklav’s 20th anniversary and we are very grateful to our shareholders, partners, suppliers and long term Clients who entrusted us in handling their crews during good times but mainly challenging periods. A special thanks goes to our seafarers for their good work and professionalism shown over the years as well as to our office colleagues for determination and teamwork. We are [...]

A milestone for the Barklav’s 20th anniversary!

Today, we at Barklav, successfully managed to turn into an opportunity, one of the biggest challenge the mankind is confronting – COVID-19 pandemic crisis. By setting up a charter plane from Bucharest to Amsterdam and back to Bucharest, we managed first and foremost to prove our Client that they can always rely on Romanian resources both human and logistic  but equal important is that we secured 54 jobs for Romanian seafarers at home being on unpaid leave for many months with financial constraints and returned others whose contracts were expired and tiredness was accumulated. This would have not been possible without [...]

COVID-19 Affecting Barklav’s office attendance

COVID-19 Affecting Barklav's office attendance Considering the latest developments of COVID-19, Barklav is announcing all collaborators that the office will be closed and Barklav's staff will work remotely until further notice. We can be approached as usually during normal working hours either by mobile phone or e-mail and we'll reply with celerity. Many thanks for understanding and STAY SAFE!"

Happy & Successful 2019!

Happy & Successful 2019!   As we just stepped in the new year, these tumultuous days, we want to reiterate and make it clear that our brand promise “A biz for People which is trying a little, learn a lot to achieve the right results, the right way” is fundamental for our 2019 strategy “Stand out from the Crowd”!   At the outset of 2019 when uncertainties and ambiguity are looming, we would like to thanks our partners and seafarers who stayed with us, struggling together for a better biz environment.   Best personal regards and Good Luck in 2019! Barklav’s [...]

Christmas Celebration at Barklav

Christmas Celebration at Barklav As our 2019 established “North Star” strategy is inspired by “Stand Out from the Crowd” slogan, have decided to celebrate the Christmas Eve by organizing in our office two workshops, one – painting workshop and the second one – crafting workshop. They were addressed to our office staff children and as special guest – we invited few children being under “Youth for Mission” Foundation’s care, aiming to stimulate the teamwork, social inclusion and encourage creativity. As it was expected, children were very receptive, impressing us by established open line communication, collaboration and ingenuity for achieving their small [...]

Klaveness Ship Management – Combination Carrier Officers Conference – Constanta September’18

Klaveness Ship Management – Combination Carrier Officers Conference – Constanta September’18: “Week 38, Barklav in full coordination with KSM, hosted the Officers Conference in Constanta, aiming to bring fresh information regarding combination carrier project, company’s values and working environment. The conference was combined with one day training course – Efficiency Management, provided by the system maker – ABB.

Subsea 7 – Barklav’s staff highly prized for working smart not only hard

Subsea 7 – Barklav’s staff highly prized for working smart not only hard: Last week two of Barklav’s stewards, Mrs Ana-Maria Anton and Mr Cristian Adrian Dinu were awarded by the Master of Seven Borealis, as “Safety Person of the week” for their pro-active attitude to safety, consistent performance and compliance with safety regulation. The two nominees are proving once again that safety culture and pro-activeness towards safety and performance is an attribute for Barklav’s employees. We would like to thanks them for very good job done and the vessel’s management for the contribution’s recognition.

Barklav Kick-Off CLBU – Cargo Handling and Stability Training Course

Barklav has coordinated and is hosting the first CLBU – Cargo Handling and Stability Training Course in its premises in Constanta for its Client – Klaveness Ship Management! Between 11-13 July, Barklav Office in Constanta, Romania will host the first CleanBu Cargo Handling and Stability training, a KSM in-house course, developed by Captain Iordache, Captain Cojocaru, Captain Munteanu and Captain Martin Bergendorff. Captain Iordache (former Chief Officer and Captain on Cabu and future Captain on CleanBu) will be the speaker and trainer on this first session of the course. The training consists in: - a theoretical part in terms of Trim [...]

KLAVENESS – 5th Combination Carrier Declared:

Klaveness – 5th Combination Carrier Declared: Klaveness – Barklav is announcing that “Klaveness Combination Carriers (“KCC”) has declared an option for the construction of a combination carrier with Jiangsu New Yangzi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd in China. The delivery date is scheduled for second quarter 2020. KCC already has four sister vessels under construction at the same yard with delivery in 2018-2020. Following the declaration, the KCC fleet will grow to 14 vessels by 2020. The company holds options for further vessels. The Issuer of the bond KSH03, Klaveness Ship Holding AS, is the majority owner of KCC.” [...]

SUBSEA 7 – Celebrates Build Milestone and Announces Vessel Name

SUBSEA 7 - Celebrates Build Milestone and Announces Vessel Name SUBSEA 7 - Barklav is announcing that “Today the keel laying ceremony for Subsea 7’s new reel-lay vessel took place at Royal IHC in Krimpen aan den IJssel (Netherlands) today, 5 July. In line with this major milestone Subsea 7 announced the vessel will be named Seven Vega, which is the winning suggestion of an employee vessel naming competition. Stuart Fitzgerald, Executive Vice President Strategy and Commercial Subsea 7 said: “The vessel marks an important investment for the future. When delivered, Seven Vega will be one of the most capable [...]