Christmas Celebration at Barklav

As our 2019 established “North Star” strategy is inspired by “Stand Out from the Crowd” slogan, have decided to celebrate the Christmas Eve by organizing in our office two workshops,

one – painting workshop and the second one – crafting workshop. They were addressed to our office staff children and as special guest – we invited few children being under “Youth for Mission”

Foundation’s care, aiming to stimulate the teamwork, social inclusion and encourage creativity.

As it was expected, children were very receptive, impressing us by established open line communication, collaboration and ingenuity for achieving their small tasks assigned and “Santa Claus” coming

all the way from North Pole, duly rewarded, their work.


We would like to thanks them for engagement, consistent dedication and participation!


Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Barklav Team

Image Credits: BARKLAV.