Today, we at Barklav, successfully managed to turn into an opportunity, one of the biggest challenge the mankind is confronting – COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

By setting up a charter plane from Bucharest to Amsterdam and back to Bucharest, we managed first and foremost to prove our Client that they can always rely on Romanian

resources both human and logistic  but equal important is that we secured 54 jobs for Romanian seafarers at home being on unpaid leave for many months with financial constraints

and returned others whose contracts were expired and tiredness was accumulated.

This would have not been possible without an open and transparent dialogue with the Romanian Authorities- Transport Ministry and Ministry of Internal Affair, constant support

received from Romanian Seafarers Union, the airline – Blue Air and our traveling agent – Happy Tour and last but not least constant effort made by the Barklav’s staff who over the

last couple weeks tirelessly worked for this common goal, thank you all for cooperation and understanding.

We would also like to thanks to our captioned seafarers, who all the way, behaved and proved that they are a special workforce category, disciplined and well trained with a high level of safety awareness

and as we always said, they are among the best ambassadors Romania, have.


It was a successful chapter written in the Barklav’s history when we are very close to celebrate our 20th anniversary – 17th May and under the present circumstances, we would like this anniversary

to be worshiped for their true professional dedication and challenges they come across either being isolated at home or stranded onboard.


Crew changes are still on the maritime community agenda and we have important signs that within one month, governments, airlines and the shipping community will find a sustainable solution such that

crewchanges can be resumed in a safe and coordinated way.


Best personal regards!

Barklav’s Team