2101, 2021


BARKLAV is hereby inviting all interested seafarers (in BARKLAV’s pool) to enroll in the governmental anti-COVID vaccination program.
This process it is not mandatory and only based on individual requests, those interested are to express their intent in writing to and they will be contacted shortly by one of our staff.
We regret to inform that due to legal aspects we will not be able to provide […]

1505, 2020

17th May – A very special date in our calendar!

Congratulations – Gratulerer med Dagen to all our Norwegian partners and friends for their National Constitution Day!

This year, 17th May has a special significance for us as we celebrate Barklav’s 20th anniversary and we are very grateful to our shareholders, partners, suppliers and long term Clients who entrusted us in handling their crews during good times but mainly challenging periods.

A special […]

2204, 2020

Today, we at Barklav, successfully managed to turn into an opportunity, one of the biggest challenge the mankind is confronting – COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

By setting up a charter plane from Bucharest to Amsterdam and back to Bucharest, we managed first and foremost to prove our Client that they can always rely on Romanian

resources both human and logistic  but equal important is that we secured 54 jobs for Romanian seafarers at […]

1303, 2020

COVID-19 Affecting Barklav’s office attendance

Considering the latest developments of COVID-19, Barklav is announcing all collaborators that the office will be closed and Barklav’s staff will work remotely until further notice. We can be approached as usually during normal working hours either by mobile phone or e-mail and we’ll reply with celerity. Many thanks for understanding and STAY SAFE!”
2501, 2019

Happy & Successful 2019!


As we just stepped in the new year, these tumultuous days, we want to reiterate and make it clear that our brand promise “A biz for People which is trying a little, learn a lot to achieve the right results, the right way”

is fundamental for our 2019 strategy “Stand out from the Crowd”!


At the outset of 2019 when uncertainties and ambiguity are looming, we would like to […]

Image Credits: Barklav.