Barklav has coordinated and is hosting the first CLBU – Cargo Handling and Stability Training Course in its premises in Constanta for its Client – Klaveness Ship Management!

Between 11-13 July, Barklav Office in Constanta, Romania will host the first CleanBu Cargo Handling and Stability training, a KSM in-house course, developed by Captain Iordache, Captain Cojocaru, Captain Munteanu and Captain Martin Bergendorff.

Captain Iordache (former Chief Officer and Captain on Cabu and future Captain on CleanBu) will be the speaker and trainer on this first session of the course.

The training consists in:
– a theoretical part in terms of Trim and stability, Buoyancies, Movement of Center of Gravity, Causes of List, Fresh water allowance, Initial Stability, Statical Stability, Effect of slack tanks, etc.
– a practical part using the dedicated stress and stability software KOCKUM SONICS LOADMASTER X5, training our deck officers in maintaining seaworthiness of the ship and on actions to be taken in the event of partial loss of intact stability, and
– a final evaluation of trainee’s performance using an assessment test on our Seagull online training platform and a workbook with loading and discharging scenarios of different types of cargo in the LoadMaster software.

Success to our first 3 deck officers completing the CleanBu Cargo Handling and Stability training course!